abalakin_-_returnabalakin_-_returnMy name is Alexander Preuss and i was born 1974 in Aachen Germany.

I started very early with traditional painting and my Mother took care about progress during my childhood. After i bought my first Computer, an Amiga 2000, i was deeply impressed by the possibilities of digital Art and i started to train myself in this area.

Thanks to my first digital works i got a job in the computer game industry and became the art director of Egosoft GmbH in Herzogenrath 1996.

Due to family reasons i had to left the company in 2002, but i came back in 2008 to work as lead artist and art director again.

I would describe myself as a very dedicated and focused person when it comes to my work, but also in my private life.

me-226×300 My spare time is reserved for my Family and my personal art projects which were also successful, and a lot of them received international Awards and are published in Magazines, Books and other media all over the World.

me-226x300Having fun is one of my main guides through my live and i try to always think positive about the world… even if this is a hard task these days 🙂


【MMD】キズナアイがかっこか… 金属用低価格3DプリンターS1…


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